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The concept was to develop the property into a close nit community, with the characteristics of a rural cape village as an alternative to typical gated security suburbs.

The conceptual design aims to work with and reinforce the pre-existing characteristics of the existing cape rural landscape, such as meadows, mature tree groves and distant mountain vistas. The northern edge of the site is a vlei wetland inside existing 50 year flood plains and was considered as an opportunity to include communal green space as a key element of the development.

Typical characteristics would include:

  • A Green belt avenue at the heart of the development that extends into private green lands to be used by residents as a communal leisure area. The proposal suggests a light approach to minimize disturbance of natural habitats in this area, by the use of raised boardwalks, no-go areas, etc.

  • A boardwalk meandering through the development to tie communal green areas together and connect them to residential units.

  • The use of low werf walls and features to define boundaries accompanied by the use of permeable fencing and hedges to provide privacy and screening elements.

  • Balance between the use of a Contemporary and Traditional Architectural aesthetic.

  • Retaining and designing new dwellings around features in the landscape and existing mature trees.

  • Design for defensible space, passive, and active security to promote safety within the development.