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Situated near the foot of Bains kloof Mountain’s steep slopes, the building frames panoramic views over the Breede valley, with a clear view all the way to the Cederberg mountains.


The long patio deck and living area were placed parallel to one another along the natural contours of the mountain and enveloped under a single folded shell, creating one large living space that’s both simultaneously inside and outside. While the building has an appearance of a heavy monolithic structure, the remote location of the site required lightweight tectonic structural elements that can be easily transported and assembled on site. Heavier materials such as natural stone is sourced directly from the site.


The living space is flooded with natural light, framing views over the valley below as well as back toward the majestic rock formations of the Bain’s Kloof mountain.


Natural stone, steel, glass and timber were chosen for the material palette, and blends the building with the surrounding area. More traditional materials such as stone, bagged brickwork and timber gives the building some traditional hand made texture in contrast with a more contemporary building form. Muted material tones help blend contrasting contemporary and traditional features into a balanced composition.



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