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Standard Architectural Services

Rossouw Le Roux Architect’s design process is modelled to the services and conditions guidelines for best practice as outlined by SACAP (South African Council for the Architectural Profession) while also taking lessons from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) plan of works schedule. We take into consideration that clients have their own specific requirements and needs prompting a unique approach for different projects.

These general guidelines are applied to each project and adapted to the specific needs and requirements to provide the highest level of service and project success thought a rigorous design and quality assurance process.

We take great care tailoring our service to the specific needs of a project to fulfil every aspect of clients brief effectively. Where clients require selective architectural services, we offer fee packages to meet your budget.

Architectural Services Overview

On a high level our Standard Architect Services aim to accomplish three underlying milestones.



Setting out the project brief and success parameters. 



With proper planning, clients obtain an ever more predictable outcome as the design process unfolds and before committing costs toward the construction of their project. Clients obtain a great amount of control to manage project risk.

Construction Site


The project is constructed and delivered to the client

Project Stages

Stage 1 image.jpg

Stage 1: Brief Development

All about setting out the project brief and success parameters. This stage might include some basic sketch concepts as the architect explore high level ideas around the project in support of setting up the brief.


Key Milestones at the end of this stage:


  • Have a much clearer idea of your brief and key performance requirements.

  • Have a clear understanding of your site and land use rights.

  • Have an agreed appointment with your Architect.

  • Have a clear understanding of how the next stages might work and who might need to be involved.

Stage 2 image.jpg

Stage 2: Formalizing the Preferred design

The Architect will formalize a concept design for the project based on the brief that was developed during Stage 1.


Key Milestones at the end of this stage


  • Have a single sketch design proposal.

  • Have clarity regarding the viability of the project.

  • Have a high-level understanding of the project cost.

  • Have started the appointment of other consultants

Stage 3 image.jpg

Stage 3: Design Development

During this stage your architect, in consultation with the Structural and MEP Engineers, will develop the Basic Structure for your building. In other words, the concept design is refined and tested against practical and technical requirements to prevent unforeseen issues during construction.


Key Milestones at the end of this stage

  • Have confirmed the complete scope and complexity of work regarding the structural system and components.

  • Have had some insight from the HVAC or other specialist designers regarding provision to be made in the building structure.

  •  Have gained some feedback from the local authority on the design.

Stage 4 image.jpg

Stage 4: Technical Documentation

Before you can start construction on your project, you need to obtain planning approval and appoint a contractor to do the work. Very simply put, the more information you can provide a contractor, the less surprises are in store for you regarding the standard of work and outcome you can expect and what you will need to pay the contractor.


Key Milestones at the end of this stage​


  • Have a full set of documentation to submit for planning approval

  • Have a full set of technical drawings/specifications which allow a builder and other specialists to cost the scheme in detail and manufacture and construct the work.

  • Obtain an appointment with a builder to execute the work.

Stage 5 image.jpg

Stage 5: Construction

Construction by the builder and specialist subcontract works are manufactured and installed into the project according to the professional team’s specifications and design documents. During this stage the Architect and other members of the professional team will conduct regular site meetings and inspections with the construction team to assist the contractor and manage quality assurance and key performance requirements on the client’s behalf.


Key Milestones at the end of this stage


  • Have a built project that meet key performance criteria and the design intent for the project.

  • Have the completed project handed back to the client.

Stage 6 image.jpg

Stage 6: Completion

Like anything else you purchase, newly complete buildings are delivered with the applicable warrantees and a building manual.


This final stage allows us to complete the necessary initial aftercare tasks and light touch Occupancy Evaluation in order to conclude the building contract.   


Key Milestones at the end of this stage


  • Any latent defects are resolved.

  • All Warrantees and Manuals are compiled.

  • Conduct light touch performance evaluation. 

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your project and how we may be of service to you.

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